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The ancient door opens with a loud creaking, on bolts of time, revealing the shadowed interior of my castle...

The eerie portrait before you gives an unsettling
idea of what to expect inside...suddenly, the door
slams shut! Welcome to the abode of the Ghost....


You see, above and to the right in the raftered
blackness, the luminescent yellow green eyes of
Ludvig, my feline companion, dweller of the silent
abyss, intensely studying you hungrily. His soulful
moans eerie and unearthly, reminding one of
druidic incantations, unholy and mournful.
Before you stands a small table with an ancient
yellowed parchment on suspense, you pick
it up and begin to read..

Ghostly Habitation

What is this place, so eerie,
That you have fled into
To escape from driving rain...
It soaked you through and through.
"The Ghost", the voice called himself,
Though no one did you see,
His voice so cold and wicked
Caused you to want to flee.
Ere you could, the door slammed shut,
Thus locking you within!
Wouldn't open, wouldn't budge...
No choice...must go on in.
Trapped within this eerie place
Your mind's assailed by sights...
Witches, vampyres and their kin,
They're playing on your frights.
Doesn't matter where you turn
This place will be your death,
Feasting on your mortal soul
And feeding on your breath.
"Welcome, traveler, he he he,
By all means, enter here.
You'll not keep your breath or life,
My hunger is severe!"

Your have entered into my second site, a place intended to house my newer and more erotic poetry...not sexual, but rather sensual..It will take me some time to begin adding the macabre and unearthly manuscripts for your viewing pleasure...hehehe...feel free to contact me at with any input you my wish to make....please, come in, but always look behind never know who or what may appear... or who may disappear...hehehe

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