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Tales Of The Spyrit World

This page contains my glimpses of
the unseen world of those who have
passed on...don't mind any rustlings
near's probably nothing...hehehe...

  • Visitation...A love story Ghostly Vistations...A tortured soul
    Visitation Waking slowly, dead of night, Your bedroom’s inky black. Slow lucidity returns. What was it, brought you back? A glowing, faint and greenish Is entering the room, Bringing with it graveyard air, The feeling of a tomb. The figure of a woman Seen faintly, clad in lace, Coming through the unseen door With slow and measured pace. Unable to move or speak You stare in silent awe. Her high and timeless beauty Is wholly without flaw. In fearful expectation You lie as she draws near. Helplessly, you wait and watch, Filled with desire and fear. Great compassion fills her eyes, Into your soul they see. That fast, your heart is captured, There’s just no way to flee. Moving weightlessly up close And lying next to you, Her soft and icy lips begin To chill you, through and through. Her lips are fair and lovely, They taste of fruited wine. As your life begins to wane You fight to clear your mind. Desire and her love for you Hold you here, enthralled. By her bodys’ icy heat To sure death you’re called. Swaying here in the balance, You want her desperately... But your life’s so dear to you. You’re weak, can barely see. She’s not evil, wicked, base, Her love for you is real. That’s what makes this difficult. That love, you too can feel. Her caresses, kisses, breath Have nearly brought you down To the grave to share her fate, To rest in hardened ground. But self preservation wins, The need for bodied life. Thus you fight to breathe and live, Desire cuts like a knife. Though her flesh is cooly fine, Her breasts both soft and fair, Her loving eyes liquid pools. Your bond begins to tear. Sensing your mental retreat, Her efforts are renewed. Pained, rejected, hurt she feels. You’re feeling selfish...crude. Still you fight, in spite of this, Her strength begins to wane. You see, with mixed emotions, Your soul she will not gain. At long last, with deep regret, Her air resigned and sad, She pulls back and vanishes. Oh, for the love you had! Though you live and breathe, you know She’ll be your only love. For still your heart is captive To her, your undead love.
    Ghostly Visitations As you come to your feet, Blurred consciousness returns. Your head is doing flips And stomach twists and turns. What happened? Don't you know? It's all a mystery, Just who you are...from where. Light's dim here, hard to see. The room is indistinct, A dusty, gloomy blur Where eeriness prevails. Who know what may occur! About you surreal light Reveals disjointed scenes Of phantoms young and old... You don't know what it means! In ghosts you don't believe, You're too modern for that. Ghost stories are just tricks Like rabbits from a hat. Then what is it you see And what is it you hear Which fills your frightened eyes And falls upon your ear? In panic you strike out With objects near at hand Which crash against the walls And harmlessly they land. The screams that pierce the air Are yours! You seek to flee From this dark haunted room. Your fear won't let you be. Paralysing terror Controls your very being. You've never felt such fear, Caused by what you're seeing. "Mama, I saw a ghost!" A phantom child cries out, Which brings back memories That you could do without. The horror they inspire Of your most recent death Makes you to realize You have no life or breath. As madness now descends Upon your fevered mind, You see that YOU'RE the ghost, Not them! You've been so blind! The house stands tall and dark, Deserted, haunted pile. Inhabitants are gone, No one within a mile. Within the dusty halls Dark madness walks about Which once had been a man, It's trapped, cannot get out! Eternity, for it, Spent in a palsied fear Of living, breathing ghosts Which come no longer near.