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Tales Of Witches And Sorcerers


We approach a mansion
This dark and lowring day,
Falling rains' icy sheets
Seemingly bar our way.
The bleak house, ancient, dire,
It briefly holds us fast
Rapt in mindless terror
Till we shake free at last.
In this abode somewhere
A treasure's said to be
That will solve our problems...
A myst'ry we must see!
Fighting back our weakness,
Unaccountable fear,
Enter through a window...
Into grey shadows drear.
Seems to be deserted,
Though clean and well kept too...
Years it's been deserted,
But flowers here are new!

It's eerie, we admit
To see things so well kept
In this deserted house...
A sound! Our hearts just leaped!
In our hot haste to run
A statuette is tipped...
Falling with a loud crash!
In panic we're white lipped!
Gkot to get out quickly,
Don't want to go to jail...
Breaking and entering...
But now our muscles fail!
What the hell's happening?!
We've stopped, can't move or speak!
Fearful in helplessness,
We've never felt so weak.
Shadowed form, she appears,
Clothed in a long black cloak...
Her eyes a verdant green.
In fear we seem to choke.

Approaching us, she's smiling,
Enjoying your helplessness,
She's young, but yet ancient...
Lovely, we must confess.
Fiery hair, pouting lips
What her plans are for us
Are dreadful, we can see!
Now she stops close to us,
Musky and warm her breath...
Aroused as ne'er before,
Though we're so close to death.
"You're in trouble deeply,
My art can't be replaced..."
We despair, held captive
By sensual dark grace.
"Now you must repay me
For this, my priceless loss."
We can't help but wonder
Just what will be the cost!

"You see, I'm quite ancient,
A sorceress of old.
I've seen the aeons pass,
Watched history unfold.
I do not take the blood
To live, as vampyres do...
My sustenance is sure,
Quite easy to renew."
We listen, helpless, rapt,
Quite sure this is not good...
We would most surely run,
If only we but could!
Enjoying our distress,
She smiles, and then goes on,
"I slowly drink life force...
That's what I live upon."
We're stone-still, horror filled,
As her soft lips touch ours...
Beginning to extract
Our life force with her pow'rs.

As she unites with us,
A deadly hot embrace...
Feel the power draining
Through pores of body, face.
Dark visions flood our thoughts
From Zoe's shadowed mind...
A pagentry of death.
With pain our face is lined.
We're filled with strong desire
To give her all our life,
To sacrifice ourselves
Before her mental knife.
But suddenly she stops,
We're weak...immobile still.
"That's just enough for now,
I will not drink my fill.
You see, I'll make you last,
Your energy to save."
We know we are quite lost...
The sorceress' life-slave.

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