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Tales Of Vampyres

  • Cyrcus Of Spyrits And Vampyres
    Shadow Dweller
    Lady Of The Night
    Dark Goddess

  • Cyrcus Of Spyrits And Vampyres

    Awake, I think,
    But where am I?
    Inky dead of night...
    The rutted road
    Is stretching out
    To a murky light.

    Queasy, woozy,
    hard to stay up...
    Got to move my feet,
    Still don’t know how
    I wound up here...
    I’m weary, tired, beat.

    The light ahead,
    Brighter it grows,
    Eerily somehow...
    Approaching tents,
    Round circus domes...
    Truly confused now!

    A sign appears,
    “The Cyrcus Of
    Spyrits And Vampyres.”
    My spinning head...
    That creepy name...
    Scent of unseen fires.

    Amid the tents,
    Walking alone.
    Only carneys here
    With ghoulish eyes
    And hungry stares...
    My heart’s filled with fear.

    Though their motions
    All seem to fit
    The way things should be,
    Something here is
    Quite clearly wrong...
    Slowly, I can see.

    The clown ahead
    Is juggling
    Things unspeakable,
    Circus music
    With eerie tones...
    Leave on the double!

    Before me stands
    A goddess dark...
    Gleaming, razored teeth!
    I must follow
    Where she directs,
    My free will has ceased.
    The circus hands
    Leave me alone,
    She has claimed her prize...
    I’m in her tent
    And kneeling now,
    All my will is spent.

    Heavy lidded,
    Tilting my head back
    She slowly sinks
    Her fangs in deep.
    Lust takes me aback!

    It seems, has passed
    As she drinks her fill
    Thereby taking
    A full control
    Of my shattered will.

    “You are mine”,
    She softly speaks...
    Throaty laugh is hers,
    “From your warm veins
    I’ll nightly feed...
    Such a fate is yours...”

    “Now go away
    Until I call
    To take more life-blood...”
    My vision fades
    To blackness now,
    Like an icy flood.

    What?! I’m awake
    In my own bed...
    My relief is great,
    Until I feel
    Her hot teeth marks...
    She has sealed my fate!

    Shadow Dweller

    Eerie shadows, murky light,
    Hard for us to see...
    Something's watching, close...but where?
    But where can it be?
    Misty swirling eerie fog
    All is subtle, dim...
    Finally, our breaking nerves
    Chase us at their whim...!
    Terror filled, we're fleeing now,
    Shadowed, dimly seen...
    Blood red eyes and gleaming fangs
    Beautifully obscene...
    Her undead face shows itself,
    Oh so suddenly,
    Stopping us dead in our tracks...
    Frozen, can't break free...!
    Shadow Dancer's taken us...
    Intense is the pain
    Ere we die in agony...
    To fight, futile, vain...
    She turns away from the corpse
    Blood lust sated...done...
    But only for the present.
    Suddenly, she's....gone!

    Lady Of The Night

    Inhuman in her beauty,
    Eyes a crystal jade...
    The vampyre queen watching us.
    Your souls are her trade.
    Ancient, ageless, powerful,
    Fine, lovely and fair
    From her perfect icy limbs
    To her red hued hair.
    Approaching us so slowly,
    Cold smile on her lips...
    Fast in terror we are held
    Longing for her kiss.
    Sensuously she takes us
    Baring slow our throats,
    In ecstacy she pierces...
    Sacrificial goats.

    Dark Goddess

    Murky night in shrouded fog
    Unfolds before our eyes,
    Revealing bleak countryside
    On which oppression lies.
    But look! A figure walking
    With purpose and resolve,
    Heedless of inhuman eyes...
    They appear, then dissolve.
    The figure there is a man
    From a nearby hamlet.
    The Dark Goddess he must see...
    On high her castle sets.
    Following the helpless man
    We approach her ivy home,
    A castle great and dreadful
    With art from Egypt...Rome.
    The door swings slowly open,
    A massive oaken "ccrreeaakk".
    The doomed man slowly enters,
    To meet the doom he seeks.
    Before him stands the Goddess,
    Her eyes a scarlet fire.
    To him she is a terror,
    Yet object of desire.
    "Come here to me my subject,
    And give your warm life' blood..."
    Powerless, up he steps,
    His heart a pounding...thud!
    The Goddess is all beauty
    And darkness wrapped in one
    Piercing him she deeply drinks...
    His life force she has won.

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