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Poetry of my friends

This page is set aside for the poetry of my friends, talented poets. On an ongoing basis, you will find new poems appearing here by other poets than myself...enjoy the walk through their minds as well...he he he...
  • The Impressive Authors... Mikalea, The Goddess Kilagan, Undead Poet Rose, Lovely And Lethal

    Dark Angel..by Mikalea

    light: creeping around the corner like an evil nightmare, piercing perfect darkness and there it shifts and transforms to the being before me. Why did you come uninvited and unwanted? Sweet angel you shattered my misery; my way of life. how dare you! Your warmth and love are unwanted. No! Now you can not leave! You've captured my soul and rule my life. ~mm~

    Fire In A World Filled With Chaos

    I bask in the warm breath of its fire Its enigmatic flame comforts me, Engulfs me, eats me alive Though I am develed by its rarity, Its bionic symplicity, and fallen, Am I, with its dazzeling beauty And being who I am There is barely a chance for me To witness it in true form In true grace and fairness Nor fly about with its fiery frame Wings of splender, and wings of delight Spread across the horizon With wild streaks that light ablaze Like moon candles in the night Ah, but what of I? A creature So dark and loathsome, Who drags with him a mortal shell Will I ever fly this bird of sort? Perhaps not, and, as it may be, There could only be one greats fire In a world filled with chaos Or several billions with no soul at all- Kilagan

    The Black Widow

    One day my love you'll be rid of me, One day my love I will set you free. Until such a time you must comprehend You, love are mine, I'll decide when it ends. One day my pet, I'll toss you aside. Until this day comes, I will decide: Where you go, What you do, And all that you see...... For your life begins and end with me. Dont cry on my shoulder, you knew the score. Now I will decide when you walk out the door. You claimed it was love, you swore it was fate, I'm sorry my dear but it is too late. With passionate swooning you gave me control, I bought tthe tombstone but YOU dug the hole. Yes, one day my pet you'll be rid of me... But you will be broken, unable to be. Rose

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