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The Literature Room

Before you stands the forboding and 
eerie figure of the Ghost, his darkly
shadowed eyes somehow blazing
with an unholy and fearful flame...

"I am Ghost, and you have entered into my secluded
retreat for wayward members of the undead...
be forwarned... this is not a place for those 
bent on offending or persecuting friends of mine,
merely because you wish to vainly prove your manhood 
or ability to be a bitch...I love nothing better
than to target such individuals and to expose them
for the insipid, stupid and impotent people that 
they's sort of a hobby of mine to verbally
eat those people alive and spit the remains 
out for all to behold....hehehe.

Do not inspire my wrath here..."

Thus forwarned, the door to the 
Literature Den swings slowly open for 
you to enter warily....hehehe

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